A map highlighting the area a private school is intending to be built on (Supplied by the City of Kimberley)Purcell International Education addressed attendees of a question and answer session and feel as though concerns may have been cleared up surrounding a proposed private school with a focus on elite athletics in Marysville.Members of the public attended an information session on Thursday night to ask PIE questions about the planned campus.“The community is supportive, and community members have offered suggestions and ideas,” said PIE President Duncan Macleod. “The collaborative potential of something like this is limitless. The more people that come forward with great ideas, the better the projects is going to be when it’s realized.”According to Macleod, the budget for phase one of t...
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更新日期: 2019 - 12 - 09
A screenshot of the OCP map amendment, which can be seen in the agenda package from Monday, November 25, 2019, on the City of Kimberley website.金伯利市政厅的网站上公布了2019年11月25日的会议议程,议程中包含OCP土地成分修正案的截图。A proposed international boarding school is one step closer to becoming a reality in Kimberley after Council voted in favour of an Official Community Plan map amendment, changing the zoning on two sections of land.金伯利市政厅投票通过了一项官方社区规划修正案,改变了两块土地的用途,这意味着拟议中的国际寄宿学校离成为现实更近一步。Purcell International Education (PIE) proposes to build an international boarding school on Kimberley Golf Course and adjacent lands owned by Westcastle Developments. They came to Council asking for an OCP map amendment to allow for future planning and development of the campus.珀塞尔国际教育(PIE)提议在金伯利高尔夫球场和韦斯特城堡开发公司拥有的邻近土地上建立一所国际寄宿学校。他们来到...
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Officials and students took part in a ceremony at École Secondaire Lacombe Composite High School on Thursday to recognize 64 students from China who are participating in a cultural exchange program with Wolf Creek Public Schools. (Photo contributed)Lacombe-area families and students are putting out the welcome mat for students from China who are participating in a cultural exchange program with Wolf Creek Public Schools.On Thursday a ceremony was held at Lacombe Composite High School to say goodbye to a group of 33 Chinese students who leave Friday after spending a week, and to welcome a ...
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The Sea to Sky School District held a welcoming ceremony for Chinese middle-school students visiting Squamish and Whistler for two weeks. On July 23, the Chancheng delegation gave a presentation, followed by a gift exchange between the students and local authorities. The students will be staying with local host families while participating in half-day English classes and several activities to get to know the local area and culture. Squamish Nation Coun. Deanna Lewis opened the ceremony, welcoming the students to the traditional and unceded territory of the Nation. Mayor Patricia Heintzman also...
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WCPS superintendent Jayson Lovell, left, and assistant superintendent Mark McWhinnie speak to students during a visit to one of the schools that will be part of the exchange agreement. Image: WCPSLiwan students slated to be in Canada first this summer, WCPS students head over next springIn what can be described as a milestone for Wolf Creek Public Schools (WCPS), the central Alberta school division earlier this month signed its first ever exchange agreement with a school district in China.WCPS superintendent Jayson Lovell — along with assistant superintendent Mark McWhinnie and learning servic...
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David Thompson Secondary School is hosting 17 students from China this month as part of an historic sister school partnership agreement. The students were welcomed with open arms in a ceremony at the Invermere high school Tuesday, April 3rd.David Thompson中学(简称DTSS)本月将接待来自中国的17名学生,这是该校姐妹学校合作备忘录的一部分。4月3日星期二,在因弗米尔的欢迎仪式上,学生们受到热烈欢迎。“We are honoured to host you in Canada, and I know we will make many memories together,” said DTSS Principal Darren Danyluk. “Today marks the beginning steps of a rewarding relationship.”DTSS校长DarrenDanyluk(达伦•丹尼鲁)说:“我们很荣幸能在加拿大接待你们,我知道我们会共同创造许多美好的回忆。”“今天标志着一段良好合作关系的开始。”P...
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2021 - 09 - 06
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疫情下欧洲留学生最向往的留学胜地2021年秋季,经过数月紧锣密鼓的准备,在确保国际学生满足所有与COVID-19防疫相关的入学要求后,落基山国际生项目(RMISP)再次以学位爆满的状态迎接了160 多名来自德国、瑞士、意大利、西班牙等国家的国际生。落基山国际生项目源自1981年,是加拿大历史最悠久的国际项目。创办初期,落基山国际项目仅向德国、瑞士、日本为首的发达国家开放;以德国为例,每年该项目为德...
2021 - 08 - 12
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藤校偏爱精英运动员问题的秘密:在 2001 年出版的《生命的游戏》一书中,詹姆斯·L·舒尔曼和威廉·鲍恩(普林斯顿大学前任校长)对一个已经成为招生中最具争议的问题进行了大量的统计分析:给予应聘者的特殊待遇,精选大学的运动员。舒尔曼和鲍文证明,运动员在录取方面比其他人具有巨大且不断增长的优势。与此同时,他们的 G.P.A.s 和 S.A.T.分数比同龄人高。在过去的二十...
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