A map highlighting the area a private school is intending to be built on (Supplied by the City of Kimberley)Purcell International Education addressed attendees of a question and answer session and feel as though concerns may have been cleared up surrounding a proposed private school with a focus on elite athletics in Marysville.Members of the public attended an information session on Thursday night to ask PIE questions about the planned campus.“The community is supportive, and community members have offered suggestions and ideas,” said PIE President Duncan Macleod. “The collaborative potential of something like this is limitless. The more people that come forward with great ideas, the better the projects is going to be when it’s realized.”According to Macleod, the budget for phase one of t...
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更新日期: 2019 - 12 - 09
A screenshot of the OCP map amendment, which can be seen in the agenda package from Monday, November 25, 2019, on the City of Kimberley website.金伯利市政厅的网站上公布了2019年11月25日的会议议程,议程中包含OCP土地成分修正案的截图。A proposed international boarding school is one step closer to becoming a reality in Kimberley after Council voted in favour of an Official Community Plan map amendment, changing the zoning on two sections of land.金伯利市政厅投票通过了一项官方社区规划修正案,改变了两块土地的用途,这意味着拟议中的国际寄宿学校离成为现实更近一步。Purcell International Education (PIE) proposes to build an international boarding school on Kimberley Golf Course and adjacent lands owned by Westcastle Developments. They came to Council asking for an OCP map amendment to allow for future planning and development of the campus.珀塞尔国际教育(PIE)提议在金伯利高尔夫球场和韦斯特城堡开发公司拥有的邻近土地上建立一所国际寄宿学校。他们来到...
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Chino, left, and Agnes, right, are two ofthe Chinese exchange students that will be attending Wolf Creek schools for the next five months as part of WCPS' International Learning Program. Here, they are pictured doing some paper cutting as part of Lunar New Year festivities at the Lacombe Memorial Centre on Tuesday evening. (Ashli Barrett/Lacombe Globe)祈诺(左)和靖淳(右)是其中两名中国体验生。作为WCPS国际学习项目的一部分,他们将前往狼溪教育局属下学校进行五个月的学习。图为周二晚上,他们在拉科姆纪念中心剪纸,庆祝农历新年。 Lunar New Year celebrations mark the startof a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar, but this year in Lacombe, it also marked the arrival o...
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Fifteen exchange students from Guangdong, China have arrived in chilly conditions to attend Wolf Creek Public Schools in Lacombe and Blackfalds.This is part of the Wolf Creek International Learning Program that gives students from other countries a chance to experience a different culture.Assistant Superintendent, Mark McWhinnie says the students have settled in well so far.“They’recertainly enjoying their first experience here. They’ve never experienced snow before so they’re very intrigued by the weather and experiencing things outdoors in this kind of temperature.”McWhinnie explains what th...
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Students part of a five-month stay, attending classes in Blackfalds and Lacombe“This is a very exciting day for our guests from China.”Chinese New Years is a day of celebration, community and family. For Wolf Creek Public Schools’ (WCPS) newest 15 students, it was also a day to meet their new communities and the families they will live and learn with for the next five months.Through the Wolf Creek International Learning Program, 15 grades 6, 7 and 8 students from Guangdong, China will attend École Lacombe Junior High School (ELJH) and Terrace Ridge School in Lacombe, as well as Iron Ridge...
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Exchange students from Guangdong, China greeted Education Minister Hon. David Eggen during his visit with the Board of Trustees. The students, in grades 6, 7, and 8, are hosted through the Wolf Creek International Learning Program and will attend regular classes at Wolf Creek schools in Lacombe and Blackfalds over their five-month stay.原文链接:狼溪教育局官网https://www.wolfcreek.ab.ca/about-wolf-creek/division-news/post/57486
发布时间: 2019 - 02 - 12
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2021年SAT考试日期分别为:2021年8月28日2021年10月2日2021年11月6日2021年12月4日SAT考场2021年10月2日加拿大BC省考场:MARK R.ISFELD SECONDARYAddress:1551 Lerick Road, Courtenay, BCCenter Code: 94331MOUNT BAKERSECONDARY SCHOOLAddress:1410 ...
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加拿大西部的落基山脉挤满了很棒的度假胜地,为家庭滑雪度假提供了绝佳的目的地。下面为大家介绍加拿大粉雪公路上最为著名的五个滑雪场,包括雷夫尔斯托克度假村(Revelstoke Mountain Resort),金伯利高山度假村(Kimberley Alpine Resort),弗尼高山度假村(Fernie Alpine Resort),全景山度假村(Panorama Mountain Resort)...
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