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The third annual Christmas Village took place at the Cranbrook History Centre.(Corey Bullock file).


新闻出处:加拿大新闻媒体Kimberley Bulletin


中文翻译:AQG Vivian



The Mayoral and School Trustee forum was held on Oct. 16 at McKim theatre, giving locals the opportunity to hear from those running for Mayor and School Trustee for SD6. The following night, a forum was held for those seeking a seat on City Council.


Mayor Don McCormick and Duncan MacLeod, President of Purcell International Education, returned after a successful trip to China in mid-October. The two were there in hopes of securing funding from international investors for a full-time international school in Kimberley.

金伯利市市长Don McCormick和珀塞尔国际教育(Purcel lInternational Education)总裁Duncan MacLeod在10月中旬成功访问中国后回国,两人希望从国际投资者那里获得确认资金,以在金伯利开办一所新型全日制国际学校。

The union representing Canada Post workers issued a 72-hour strike notice, saying that rotating strikes might commence following Canada Post’s actions at the bargaining table.


The municipal election took place on Oct. 20. Mayor Don McCormick was re-elected with 58.5 per cent of the vote, while incumbents Darryl Oakley, Nigel Kitto, Sandra Roberts and Kent Goodwin were also re-elected. Councillor Kyle Dalum and Jason McBain gained a seat at Council’s table.

市政选举于10月20日举行。市长Don McCormick以58.5%的选票再次当选,而现任官员Darryl Oakley,Nigel Kitto,Sandra Roberts和Kent Goodwin也再次当选。议员Kyle Dalum和Jason McBain分别获得了议会席上的一个席位。


At the same time, the sale of the SunMine was approved through the referendum process with 2,126 voting yes and 572 voting no.


Sandra Smail and Betty Lou Barrett were re-elected as school trustees for SD6 with Ron McRae winning the third seat.

Sandra Smail和Betty Lou Barrett再次当选为SD6的教育局董事,Ron McRae获得了第三个席位。

Kimberley Golf Club members agreed in October to sell the golf course to Purcell International Education after aspecial meeting was held.

金伯利高尔夫俱乐部(Kimberley Golf Club)成员于10月份召开特别会议后,同意将该高尔夫球场出售给珀塞尔国际教育有限公司(Purcell International Education)。



The Kimberley Outdoor Alliance announced ambitious plans to attract segments of the massive outdoor industry to locatein Kimberley.



Kimberley Alpine Resort won MountainResort of the Year Award at the Goldie Awards, while local volunteers DonnaBriggs and Lloyd Steeves won Volunteer of the Year.

金伯利高山度假村(Kimberley Alpine Resort)荣获Goldie奖的年度山区度假村奖,而当地志愿者Donna Briggs和Lloyd Steeves则获得了年度志愿者奖。

The Dynamiters celebrated two wins over Thanksgiving weekend, while also honouring the 40th Anniversary of the Allen Cup winning Senior Dynamiters of 1977-78.



The Community Fall Fair took place at the Marysville Arena, a favourite way for many to kick off the fall season.

社区秋季博览会在马里斯维尔竞技场(Marysville Arena)举行,这是许多人作为秋季开始的最佳方式。

The last First Saturday event of the season in Kimberley is always Oktober fest, a very locals-focused event.




Just a few weeks after cannabis became legal in Canada, the first license for a recreational cannabis retail store wasissued to Tamarack Cannabis Boutique in Marysville.

在南方内陆从事林业的联合钢铁工人工会成员,以98%的投票结果支持罢工,并宣布,由于无法就一项新的集体协议达成一致,谈判将通过英属哥伦比亚省劳资关系委员会(Labour Relations Board)进行调解。

Cranbrook Canada Post workers went onstrike at the beginning of November, participating in ongoing rotating strike that were taking place across Canada. Shortly after, Kimberley Canada Postworkers also were on the strike line as part of the rotating strikes.


An excavator at Wasa Transfer Station was destroyed in November, after being set on fire overnight. The RDEK determinedit was an act of vandalism.

Wasa转运站的一台挖掘机在一夜之间被点燃后于11月被摧毁。 RDEK认为这是蓄意破坏。

A man was arrested at a local hotel afterlocal RCMP received information from the public about suspicious activity. Theman had an outstanding warrant from Sicamous.


Healthy Kimberley’s Food Recovery Depot celebrated their soft launch, re-directing 230 pounds of food on the first day.


The City of Kimberley approved the cull of mule deer that had migrated to Canal Flats after their translocation out ofKimberley in March of this year. Council also applied for another translocation of up to 100 deer for next year.


The Kimberley Fire Department announced they would be applying for $1 million for fire interface work.



Kimberley Alpine Resort started firing up their snowmaking guns in November, while also announcing plans for the 2018/19 seasonthat included the addition of an up-tracking route.

金伯利高山度假村(Kimberley Alpine Resort)于11月启动了人工造雪,同时还宣布了2018/19年度的计划,其中包括增加了一条上山路线。

The Green Bay Committee announced thatthey would be shutting up shop, after stating that a lack of engagement by ICE ownersled them to their decision.


The Kimberley Dynamiters announced that they are in the bidding to host the Cyclone Taylor Cup in 2020.

金伯利Dynamiters冰球队宣布,他们正在申办2020年的Cyclone Taylor Cup。

All through November, the Kimberley Dynamiters wore special jerseys to raise funds for kidney cancer research. The jerseys were auctioned off online to raise funds, which totalled in excess of $15,000.



The Kimberley Nordic Racers started offtheir season in Canmore with a record number of Kimberley skiers in the clubthis year.



A Remembrance Day ceremony was held in the Kimberley Veteran Memorial Park on November 11. 2018 also marked the 100th Anniversary of the end of the first World War.



Selkirk’s thriving music program took 66 students to Canmore for the Vic Lewis Band Festival.

Selkirk蓬勃发展的音乐项目使得66名学生可以前往坎莫尔参加Vic Lewis乐队音乐节。

The annual Platzl Light up took place in November, launching the start of the Christmas shopping season.

年度Platzl Light up活动于11月举行,拉开了圣诞购物季的序幕。




Kimberley City Council announced that sewer rates would increase by 8 per cent to off set the cost of the new Waste Water Treatment Facility.


Health care patients in the south-eastcorner of the province voiced their concerns over having troubles accessing health care services in Alberta.


Healthy Kimberley announced their plans tobuild an outdoor multi-sport court at Selkirk Secondary school.

健康金伯利宣布他们计划在赛尔克中学(Selkirk Secondary school)建立一个户外多项运动场。

An agreement between the Ktunaxa Nationand the provincial and federal government was announced, being hailed as asignificant step towards treaty negotiation and reconciliation.


Kimberley’s Ron Rossi won $1 millionthrough the Lotto 649. He said his first move is to retire.

金伯利的Ron Rossi通过乐透649赢得了100万加元。他说他的第一个举动是退休。

Plans were unveiled for Cranbrook Winter Festival over the BC Family Day weekend in 2019, while Kimberley’s Rocky Mountain Event Planners also announced plans for Flannel Fest over the same weekend.


Kimberley City Council announced that Mayor and Council’s pay will go up 12 per cent to offset the federal government’s decision to change the tax law, which resulted in the removal oftax deductions for elected officials.


Elk herds on the highways were causing concern for local RCMP after they responded to three separate collisions over the span of a few days.


Kimberley RCMP put a man in custody afterhe entered a home in the Summer Subdivision looking for money. After threatening with a knife, he fled the scene after an altercation with the homeowner and was tracked by a police dog.


Four split boarders had a close call near Corbin after triggering a small avalanche that fully buried one of them. The group was able to self-rescue and locate the trapped snowboarder, who was foundcaught between two trees 70 feet away from impact.



Kimberley Alpine Resort opened for the2018/19 season on Dec. 15, a week later than originally scheduled.

金伯利高山度假村(Kimberley Alpine Resort)于12月15日开放2018/19赛季,比原计划晚一周。


The Kimberley Skating Club had asuccessful outing at the West Kootenay Invitational in Castlegar with 56 Kimberley skaters competing.


The Teck Regional Snow Camp took placefrom Nov. 30 to Dec. 2 at Panorama Ski Resort. The Toby Creek Nordic Ski Clubhosted 37 athletes from Kimberley, Fernie, Golden, and Invermere.

Teck地区雪地营地于11月30日至12月2日在Panorama 滑雪度假山庄举行。 Toby Creek Nordic滑雪俱乐部接待了来自Kimberley,Fernie,Golden和Invermere的37名运动员。

The Kimberley Nitro Xpress brought homethe gold medal from the midget tournament held in Penticton.

金伯利Nitro Xpress带来了在Penticton举行的小型锦标赛上获得金牌。

Kimberley’s Molly Miller qualified for the FIS World Junior Cross Country Championships that will take place in Lahiti,Finland Jan. 21-27.

金伯利的Molly Miller参加了将于1月21日至27日在芬兰Lahiti举行的FIS世界青少年越野锦标赛。


The third annual Christmas Village tookplace at the Cranbrook History Centre with all proceeds going towards the United Way.


Many donations to local charities and groupswere made in December, just before the holidays. Donations to the food bank fortheir annual hamper program topped the list.


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