A map highlighting the area a private school is intending to be built on (Supplied by the City of Kimberley)Purcell International Education addressed attendees of a question and answer session and feel as though concerns may have been cleared up surrounding a proposed private school with a focus on elite athletics in Marysville.Members of the public attended an information session on Thursday night to ask PIE questions about the planned campus.“The community is supportive, and community members have offered suggestions and ideas,” said PIE President Duncan Macleod. “The collaborative potential of something like this is limitless. The more people that come forward with great ideas, the better the projects is going to be when it’s realized.”According to Macleod, the budget for phase one of t...
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更新日期: 2019 - 12 - 09
A screenshot of the OCP map amendment, which can be seen in the agenda package from Monday, November 25, 2019, on the City of Kimberley website.金伯利市政厅的网站上公布了2019年11月25日的会议议程,议程中包含OCP土地成分修正案的截图。A proposed international boarding school is one step closer to becoming a reality in Kimberley after Council voted in favour of an Official Community Plan map amendment, changing the zoning on two sections of land.金伯利市政厅投票通过了一项官方社区规划修正案,改变了两块土地的用途,这意味着拟议中的国际寄宿学校离成为现实更近一步。Purcell International Education (PIE) proposes to build an international boarding school on Kimberley Golf Course and adjacent lands owned by Westcastle Developments. They came to Council asking for an OCP map amendment to allow for future planning and development of the campus.珀塞尔国际教育(PIE)提议在金伯利高尔夫球场和韦斯特城堡开发公司拥有的邻近土地上建立一所国际寄宿学校。他们来到...
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After months of planning, Wolf Creek Public Schools welcomed over 65 students from Guangdong Province, China at the official Welcoming Ceremony in Lacombe, Alberta July 26, 2018. Dignitaries, distinguished guests, teachers, students, ambassadors and host families along with Wolf Creek’s Board, Superintendent and Learning Services team members took part in the event.It was a mere eight months ago, December 2017, that Wolf Creek Public Schools was approached by a representative from Guangdong AQG Educational Consulting Ltd. about the possibility of Wolf Creek embarking on an exciting new opportu...
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中国教育在线讯 加拿大当地时间2018年7月26日上午10:00,为了庆贺首次中国广东省与加拿大艾伯塔省K-12教育局备忘录签署及双向学生交流在加拿大的正式启动,并欢迎首批中国广东省广州市中学师生交流团的到来,中加教育交流官方欢迎仪式在艾伯塔省拉科姆市隆重举行。  加拿大国会议员Blaine Calkins 代表、艾伯塔省教育部部长David Eggen代表、艾伯塔省省议员兼教育部政务次长Annie McKitrick、艾伯塔省教育部国际教育负责人Waldemeir Reimer、艾伯塔省省议员Jason Nixon 代表、拉科姆市市长Grant Creasey、拉科姆里夫郡郡长Paula Law、狼溪教育局董事会主席Pamela Hanson、狼溪教育局局长Jayson Lovell、红鹿学院贸易与技术学院的院长和副院长Joel Gingrich、第一民族代表Randall Moonias、珀赛尔国际教育(PIE)总裁Duncan MacLeod等人一起见证广东省与艾伯塔省及狼溪教育局与荔湾教育局首个MOU学生交流项目欢迎仪式。       加拿大国歌“O’Canada”响起:  同为爱好和平之邦,愿中加友谊绵长  仪式开始,场上响起英法双语的加拿大国歌“O’Canada”,这首歌体现加拿大这个多元化民族的爱国主义情怀及对自由民主...
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A traditional Chinese lion dance, performed by the Hong de Cultural and Athletic Association, during the welcoming ceremony for the Chinese exchange students exploring Alberta this summer.The Wolf Creek Public School is fully embracing their Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed earlier this year between them and the Li Wan Education Bureau in the Guangzhou Province of China, by hosting about 60 Chinese students in Lacombe this summer.On Thursday the Lacombe Composite High School said goodbye to 33 Chinese students who head back home today after spending a week here, and welcomed a second g...
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Wolf Creek Public Schools introduced their International Learning Program with the arrival of 65 students from the Guangdong Province in China. Todd Colin Vaughan/Red Deer ExpressWolf Creek Public Schools recently celebrated their new International Learning Program.The program began with an invitation to 65 students from the Guangdong Province in China coming to Lacombe in two separate groups, with each group staying for two weeks with one week of overlap.During their stay, students immersed their selves in Central Albertan culture and connected personally with Canadians through Wolf Creek’s h...
发布时间: 2018 - 07 - 30
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2023 - 03 - 07
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什么是加拿大BC省企业家移民?卑诗省提名项目(BC PNP)企业家移民(EI)是为希望移民到卑诗省建立企业以支持该省创新和经济增长的国际企业家提供的一种方式。企业家移民是一个“临时到永久”的移民途径。这意味着如果你被批准了,你将首先以临时居民的身份来到不列颠哥伦比亚省,然后在你成功创业后申请永久居留。区域试点项目区域试点项目属于BC省企业家移民的其中一项。不列颠哥伦比亚省欢迎来自世界各地的企业家来...
2023 - 02 - 02
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学校概览西北中学(The Northwest School,NWS)成立于1980年,包括初中和高中(6-12年级),学生人数约450人。西北中学位于西雅图市中心,提供独特的大学预科体验,蓬勃发展的艺术和体育项目,和友善与充满协助的生活环境。学校作为一个充满活力的知识分子社区在全国享有盛誉,并被美国教育部认定为卓越的蓝丝带学校。西北中学是西雅图唯一一所男女同校的国际寄宿学校。优越的地理位置让国际学...
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