Jaret ThompsonDirector of the Purcell Collegiate Corporate Board珀塞尔独立学校董事局董事Introducing an international school into a community isn’t as simple as building a facility and opening the doors. It is along road of planning, approvals and meetings, followed by replanning, more meetings and additional approvals. While there are many challenges on a projectof this scale, they are far outweighed by the benefits.将国际学校引入社区并不像建造设施和打开大门那么简单。这是一条漫长的规划、批准和会议的道路,然后是重新规划、更多的会议和额外的批准。尽管在这种规模的项目上存在许多挑战,但收益远远超出了挑战。An international school in a community like Kimberley, BC, provides many positive outcomes – economically, socially and culturally, both for the hosts and visitors.在加拿大卑诗省金伯利这样的社区引入一所国际学校将在经济、社会和文化方面为社区居民和访客带来了许多积极的成效。The international education sector in Canada comprises over 700,000 students eac...
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更新日期: 2021 - 07 - 21
2021年SAT考试日期分别为:2021年8月28日2021年10月2日2021年11月6日2021年12月4日SAT考场2021年10月2日加拿大BC省考场:MARK R.ISFELD SECONDARYAddress:1551 Lerick Road, Courtenay, BCCenter Code: 94331MOUNT BAKERSECONDARY SCHOOLAddress:1410 Baker Street, Cranbrook, BCCenter Code: 94341PRINCEGEORGE SEC SCHAddress:2901 Griffiths Ave, Prince George, BCCenter Code: 944492021年12月4日加拿大BC省考场:ABERDEENHALL PREPARATORY SCHOOLAddress:950 Academy Way, Kelowna, BCCenter Code:94439BRENTWOODCOLL SCHAddress:2735 Mount Baker Road, Mill Bay, BCCenter Code:94435CLAREMONTSECONDARY SCHOOLAddress:4980 Wesley Road, Victoria, BCCenter Code:94487MARK R.ISFELD SECONDARYAddress:1551 Lerick Road, Courtenay, BCCenter Code:94331MOUNT BAKERSECONDARY SCHOOLAddress:1410 Baker Street, Cranbrook, BCCenter Code:94341MULGRAVESCHOOLAddress:2330 Cypress Lane, W. Vanco...
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LCHS student Darcy Cunningham and Ecovision teacher Steve Schultz show off some of last year’s community gardens harvest. The club is currently suspending in-person interactions and projects during the pandemic (BLACK PRESS file photo)LCHS学生Darcy Cunningham和生态俱乐部指导老师Steve Schultz展示了去年社区花园的收获。在新冠肺炎病毒大流行期间,俱乐部目前暂停了面对面的交流和项目 Lacombe Composite High School’s Ecovision Club has been nominated as finalist for the Emerald Awards in the Education Category.拉科姆综合高中的生态俱乐部已经被提名为翡翠奖*的教育类别的最终候选名单。 *在过去的29年里,翡翠奖表彰了大大小小的企业、个人、非营利组织、社区团体、青年和政府在环境方面取得的杰出成就。翡翠奖旨在表彰和庆祝艾伯塔省各个部门在环保方面的杰出成就,每个类别最多选出三名决赛选手,并最...
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Wolf Creek Public Schools logo. File Photo.Returning to school after spring break is set to look very different for Wolf Creek Public Schools this year.Details on lesson and assignments are continued to be developed and schools will be communicating those details to families before the end of spring break, March 30.In continuing student learning this year, teachers of pre-kindergarten to Grade 12 will be offering at-home learning opportunities to students either through online means or through other accommodations.According to the WCPS statement, these accommodations can include course package...
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March 18, 2020 Dear Parents and Guardians, I hope this message finds you and your family very well during these unusual and uncertain times. As you are no doubt aware, the BC Government has issued a medical state of emergency for the Province of British Columbia. They are taking action to “flatten the curve” related to the spreading of the COVID-19 virus in order to support public health and safety. Some current measures being taken include asking citizens to engage in social distancing efforts, closing many public and private establishments where people gather, finding ways to support es...
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Dear Partners,尊敬的合作伙伴: As you are all aware, the COVID-19 situation has reached Canada and our province of BC. Although we have not heard of any cases here in the Gulf Islands, we know that even our precious island is not immune to the spread of this virus.  For that reason, we had already begun to ask our students and families to maintain social distancing and to stay home as much as possible.众所周知,COVID-19新冠病毒已经蔓延到加拿大和我们的BC省。虽然我们在海湾岛上还没有任何确诊病例,但我们知道,即使我们美丽的海岛也无法免疫这类病毒。因此,我们已经开始要求我们的学生和家人保持社交距离,并尽可能呆在家里。 Our team is working quickly with the information as it is given to us from ...
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2021 - 07 - 21
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2021年SAT考试日期分别为:2021年8月28日2021年10月2日2021年11月6日2021年12月4日SAT考场2021年10月2日加拿大BC省考场:MARK R.ISFELD SECONDARYAddress:1551 Lerick Road, Courtenay, BCCenter Code: 94331MOUNT BAKERSECONDARY SCHOOLAddress:1410 ...
2021 - 07 - 12
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加拿大西部的落基山脉挤满了很棒的度假胜地,为家庭滑雪度假提供了绝佳的目的地。下面为大家介绍加拿大粉雪公路上最为著名的五个滑雪场,包括雷夫尔斯托克度假村(Revelstoke Mountain Resort),金伯利高山度假村(Kimberley Alpine Resort),弗尼高山度假村(Fernie Alpine Resort),全景山度假村(Panorama Mountain Resort)...
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